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“Enhance your career opportunities with our fast track fully accredited course(s) in Beauty, Holistic and Complementary Therapies”.

The Pure Spa Wellness Academy is proud to offer a range of training opportunities and career development programs by offering condensed but high-quality professional Beauty, Holistic and Complementary Therapy Courses. Whether you are a beginner who is looking to start a new career or an existing therapist wishing to renovate your skills our courses are designed to help you accomplish this within the shortest possible time. 

Our training course will teach you the historical and contemporary uses of holistic medicine using aromatherapy and other ancient healing procedures that have been used for thousands of years and is proven to benefit clients both physically and psychologically, hence making it a popular option of treatments to be carried out by holistic therapists around the Globe. 

Each course will focus specifically on treatments to relieve a variety of physical symptoms as well as treatments for stress-related symptoms. The learner will be able to create a unique blend and will enhance their sense of physical and emotional well-being using traditional holistic treatments. An approach to educating individuals that prevention is better than cure by being mindful towards inactivity, negative thoughts, behaviors, remedies, and holistic treatments. Upon completing a course(s), s/he will be able to effectively relieve the symptoms of various common ailments.

What each course will cover?
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  1. Introduction

  2. Health & safety

  3. Professional ethics

  4. Hygiene and sterilisation

  5. Related Anatomy and physiology

  6. Contraindications and contractions

  7. Preparation of client including consultation and record keeping

  8. Required equipment and products

  9. The Treatment- Procedure

  10. Client after-care

  11. Demo of techniques

  12. Student-on-student/ Model practical

  13. Q&A session- Test/Recap

What qualification will you receive?

When you have successfully completed your training course(s), you will receive a diploma certificate issued by The Pure Spa Wellness Academy and accredited by ABT. This does not just demonstrate your dedication towards the training but also permits you to obtain Public Liability insurance so you can start offering treatments to paying clients from home or mobile.

Additional work required to complete this qualification- Once you have completed your practical training day (s) with us, there is no additional work to be completed but we encourage you to practice and polish your skills. Your diploma certificate will be sent to you within 2 working days and you can then begin working from home and/or mobile once insurance has been obtained.

Course (s) structure- Our course structure is varied from course to course, to run over two to four days from 10:00 – 16:00. We ask learners to arrive by 09.45 am to ensure a timely start. The theoretical aspects of the course will be delivered firstly, and adequate time will be provided for practical learning. All products and equipment will be provided by the training centre for practical training on the day, at the training centre for students to use and learn practical skills.

Course entry requirements

We welcome learners of all abilities, whether you are a beginner who is looking to start a new career or an existing therapist wishing to renovate your skills our courses are designed to help you accomplish this within the shortest possible time. However, we require you to have basic knowledge of Massage treatment, or you can book for our Massage treatment which will cover essential Anatomy and Physiology to be familiar with body structure prior to Joining any of our Courses.

Insurance details

All courses completed with The Pure Spa Wellness Academy are accredited by ABT allowing you to receive a 10% discount off your policy with ABT Insurance when you quote ACADEMY 15779


What will your career opportunities be?

All our diploma courses enable you to work from both home and mobile offering the specialized treatment(s) that you have completed. You can start earning by offering treatments to paying clients, family, and friends as soon as you have obtained your insurance.


Why choose The Pure Spa Wellness Academy?

Current digital technology or online courses has played an important role in educational policies in different sectors. We believe beauty and holistic therapies have many factors to be considered, such as practical-based activities, which may differ from other curricula and cannot just be learned online. Therefore, all our courses are equipped to deliver within a traditional class environment for both theoretical and practical aspects.

We offer high-quality ABT accredited training with experienced tutors, professional equipment, and a great atmosphere for the training. Our training centre is within easy reach of public transport and we are delighted to be the pioneer to provide training sessions to teach unique ancient holistic treatments.

We ensure a student-centered approach to teaching, designing session plans and materials. All courses are run in smaller groups, allowing plenty of prospects to ask questions and seek support. Our training centre has the latest equipment and products required to follow industry standards. We are contactable via email or phone for ongoing support after your training.


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